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Batstone Bud Shop Bud Tender Favorites

James Ceres Lost Lake Batstone Bud Shop
James Likes Blue Alien from Ceres and Lost Lakes Secret Squirrel. Looks like James is a bud man.
Ben Ethos Ceres Batstone Bud Shop
Ben choose Ethos CBD Water Tincture and Ceres Gorilla Glue, if you have question about what he choose and why come ask him.
Matt Two Heads Co THC RAW Batstone Bud Shop
Matt chose Two Heads Co THC RAW distalit. Good choice Matt!
Moe Ceres PUR Batstone Bud Shop
Moe picked Ceres Blue Alien and PUR Tahoe OG as his favorites come in and chat with Moe about your favorite.
Nate Oleum Ceres Batstone Bud Shop
Nate choose Wizard Stone THCA Oil and Ceres – Gorilla Glue 4 as his favorites. Come in and try them for yourself.
Stefan Ceres Ethos Batstone Bud Shop
Stefan picked Ceres CBD Caps and Ethos CBD Serum. Come on in and ask him why those are his favorites.
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