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We are open everyday at our normal hours and we would love to see  you, so stop on by. During our 30 day closure, from an employee infraction from over a year ago, we decided to take advantage of the time and revamped the place inside and out. We still have more plans to improve our store for all our customers but our knowledge in cannabis has stayed unwavering so please come by and ask us questions medical or recreational questions you might have. We plan to move “The Looking Glass” in with us so that people will have access and can purchase all their glass needs in Batstone with our hours of operation. We also plan on having more events and vendor days here at Batstone. Also a big THANK YOU  to Bryan from Stoneworks Landscaping for helping maintain our parking lot, and landscaping our back and “in-the-works” the front. We look forward to helping you!

Inside Batstone Bud Shop
We have rearranged and added some counter space to be able to provide more products and make your shopping experience easier.
Main Cannabis Counter
All your recreational cannabis needs at this counter with a variety of indica, hybrids and sativa with different flavors and choices for each.
Looking Glass Moving In
The Looking Glass is shacking up with Batstone Bud Shop to offer more selection to our customers.
Batstone Bud Shop
Newly landscaped back area
Batstone Bud Shop Parking Lot
Parking lot maintained by Stoneworks Landscaping.


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