Owners of Batstone Bud Shop
Jami and Denny Owners of Batstone Bud Shop

Welcome to Batstone Bud Shop, conveniently located at 935 E Johns Prairie Rd. Shelton WA (On the corner of Batstone Rd and Johns Prairie Rd). Open Mon-Sat 8am to 10pm and Sun 10am to 8pm. Only minutes from Highway 3 and Walmart (next to Hwy 101). Batstone Bud Shop is owned and operated by Denny Coughlin and Jami Bisi. Their staff strive to supply the finest cannabis products available in WA.

When Jami’s son was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in 2008 she began to look for alternative medicine and found that cannabis was the most effective medicine with the least amount of side effects. Jami wants to not only provide medicine but hope, compassion and direction for patients with chronic and terminal illness seeking to transition from traditional medicine to medical marijuana. We welcome all medical patients to come in and get their card completed with us. We will laminate your card and help you find the right products for your needs. We have signed up over 210 patients in the last year. 

Batstone Bud Shop Interior
Our main counter where we sell 3.5 grams and up as well as oils and other recreational and medical marijuana products.

Denny and Jami are pioneers of the cannabis movement and started in the industry as care providers for patients with the highest medicinal needs; and are now expanding to provide this same quality service to everybody 21 and older!

We have been in the medical marijuana industry for over 10 years. We opened in Lacey in 2010 specializing in products grown by patients for patients. To this day, we ensure the quality of our products and that they are all organic and grown pesticide free. Our vendors are handpicked and exclusive to our shop in Mason County. We focus on medical cannabis and CBD products. We have several certified medical marijuana consultants that are on staff at all times. All staff members have been trained in the medical and recreational use of cannabis. 

Whether you are new to recreational cannabis, a previous or current medical patient, or connoisseur who is curious about new uses of cannabis, there is something here for you.

We have all your smoking needs.
The Looking Glass

The store front has a spacious open concept and is ADA accessible and has a large ADA facility. They have worked hard to create an inviting recreational and medical marijuana environment where everyone feels at ease and leaves with the information they need and the product they want. As you enter their lobby, you’ll feel welcome and comfortable among friends. We also have lots of available parking for Batstone Bud Shop and The Looking Glass which has high quality American made glass.

The Looking Glass carries Special K and many other renowned artists. They carry all available oil rigs and vaporizers, such as The Volcano, for all your smoking needs. They also have vinyl records and other hand crafted jewelry and products made by our local community members. The Looking Glass really brings a different perspective to the art of smoking. Whether you need accessories or a full smoking arsenal, they’ve got what you need.